Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My generation and work: Job vs Career

Callie is an acquaintance of mine from college. We were both in Campus Crusade for Christ at Ole Miss, aka CRU, that met every Tuesday night and hosted various events such as Girls Dessert Night, Freshmen Backyard BBQs, holiday parties, Spring Break mission trips (we went to Salerno, Italy one year. It was amazing and led me to go back in the summer of 2009) and the annual Atlanta Christmas Conference. Crusade was basically my sorority. Instead of rushing, which is a big deal in the South especially, I opted for making girl friends through this Christian organization and it changed my life! It set me on a whole 'nother course than I probably would have gone down if I'd joined something else, or nothing at all, at the beginning of my college years. I didn't attend all the way through college as my personal relationship with God grew and changed, however, i'll always be grateful for the teaching I received those couples of years and all the great girls I met (including my discipler who i've mentioned before).

Anyway, we were also in the same freshmen girls bible study together where we covered "Lady in Waiting," "Having A Mary Heart in A Martha World," and "Breaking Free." She shared her testimony at the Girls Night Out: Redeemed Girl Ministries Event when it was held at Ole Miss. We were in the same biology class that year as well. All that to say, I was excited to come across her blog as I was reading another girl's blog (Amy, who was one of the ladies on our Crusade Staff Team, discipling young girls and leading mission trips).

It was so comforting to discover that someone else is going through some of the same questioning and wandering post-college graduation in today's workforce. Well, was. Now Callie seems to have found a way to do something she enjoys, is good at, and that helps other people (utilizing her gifts and experiences for serving others). If you want to know more about the career she's found (and possible purchase or benefit from her services) you can check it out at Edit by Lauren: Edit your makeup.

Here's her old blog post that sums up my thoughts exactly, My Generation- Jobs and Passion. I couldn't have written a post on this subject without rambling, but she does a good job conveying our struggle in a concise manner. She's a good writer and better at blogging. She blogs for Edit by Lauren on Fridays. She has her own blog, My Yellow Kitchen Aid. And she use to work for Style Me Pretty, the ultimate wedding design blog, under Little Black Book. You can get a glimpse of her creative talent- fashion, beauty, decor and organization- by checking out her Vintage Texas Wedding that Style Me Pretty featured.

But mainly, I wanted to share her post on jobs since that's what I'm trying to figure out for myself right now. Maybe some of you are feeling the same way. Hearing about Lauren and Callie, and several other women my age or a little older, figuring out how to do something they love and earn money for it is really inspiring to me! My creative wheels are starting to turn.

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