Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Exciting news!

I apologize for being MIA for a while, but I return with a couple of important messages.

First, my sweet husband who is good with computers (I think one of his college majors was in Computer Science.. And, in general, he's kind of nerdy with tech stuff. Which I think is very cute and helpful!) has helped me create a website where I can include more pages than just my blog. Although, my blog is still the main focal point and my purpose for creating a site. I'm still working on a couple pages and I was waiting for it to all be ready and perfect before redirecting people to it, but I can't wait any longer especially with the new, great things i want to share with everyone!

That leads me to the second important announcement...We just had Secret Church at the Church at Brook Hills again! This time, the topic was on marriage, family, sex and the gospel. I can't wait to share all the notes and wonderful messages with you so come on over to my new blog as I try to cover the whole Secret Church by David Platt in the next week or so. I hope you're excited because I know I really was going into it and the sermon did not disappoint! God's Word never does. I really needed to hear God's perspective on these things and be shown how the gospel is meant to be reflected in all of them. what other major areas/issues in life shape and affect us as much as these? Now i'm bursting to run back and share all the good, helpful news with anyone who will listen.

If you read my Secret Church notes from April/Easter, then i'm sure you'll be just as moved by this one's message and, don't worry, I won't cram it all into one post this time! Haha. There's too much to share so i'll stretch it out over several. Thank you readers!

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